From Fashion to nude - Workshop in Malmö

From Fashion to nude - Workshop in Malmö

On this workshop we’ll cover three different shooting styles. Sexy fashion, lingerie and nude. For each style I’ll show and explain the typical lights I would use. We’ll also use suitable styling and accessories to make it complete. In case of good weather some parts of this workshop will be outdoors. The model I have selected for this is Alina Mayer from Russia. More photo of her here:

This will also be like a mix of workshop and portfolio building. Meaning I’ll show and teach but at the same time give you a lot of shooting time.

*** If you want to travel from another country you fly to Copenhagen and then just take the train (15 min) to Malmö. There are many cheap flights to Copenhagen. ***

Some of the things I will teach about on this workshop:

- Easy and fast ways to work with studio lights
- Natural light vs studio light
- One light setups
- Shaping the model with the light
- How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light
- Metering and exposure
- Getting it right in camera
- Posing and angles
- Interaction with models

And much more…

When: September 21-22
Where: Malmö, Sweden
Time: 11-18
Participants: 6 each day
Price: 249€ (early bird start from €199)

Workshop in Malmö and Copenhagen with Natali Andreeva

Workshop in Malmö and Copenhagen with Natali Andreeva

I’m doing a new thing here. First day, Saturday October 26th this workshop is in Malmö, Sweden. Second day, Sunday October 27th it’s in Copenhagen , Denmark.

On this workshop I will teach my way of using the lights in the studio. Also how I work with the model to create my style of photos. I'll share all my secrets and all my ideas. Shooting style will be from sexy fashion and semi nude to all nude. The model is the amazing Natali Andreeva! We worked together two times earlier this year already!

This workshop also a portfolio building day. This means you get more shooting time and more chance to effect the photos. Perfect if you already have been to many workshops and you’re the most interested in getting good photos. I’ll help you, guide you and make sure you get your shots. This day is also for learning but mostly focus on creating material for your portfolio.

Some of the course content: Techniques with flash in the studio. Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages. Creating different looks with the same light. Shaping the model with the light. One light vs multi lighting. Metering and exposure. Getting it right in camera. Good skin tones with minimal post-production. How to work with models, posing and angles. Contact and communication with models. Snacks, coffee and drinks are included.

When: October 26th & 27th

Where: Malmö, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark

Participants: 6 each day

Time: 11.00-18.00

Price: €259 (early bird for €219 until 15/9)