Workshop tour: Beautiful portraits with natural light in Europe

Workshop tour: Beautiful portraits with natural light in Europe

Dates: (coming soon)

What is this? It's a new type of course, not like my previous workshops. This is more of a masterclass about light with focus on available light and how to get the best out of it. It will be a full day (8 hours) of learning about light, practice with a model and a light, easy to understand post-production of one of the images we made during the day.

Who is this for? It's for anyone who want to learn more about how to control and understand where, when and how to shoot beautiful portraits and fashion style photos in available light. It doesn't matter if you're a professional or amateur, you can gain a lot from participating in this workshop. It doesn't matter if you shoot fashion, wedding, boudoir and so on. Beautiful is always beautiful and light is always light.

What is included? Light theory with explanations that are easy to understand. Practice with a good model. Overview of the workflow and post-production.

Content of this course:

- Learn about available light and how to use to for your advantage

- Understanding where, when and how to find the good light

- Scout locations and find the best spots for shooting

- Practice with a good professional and beautiful model

- What is a good and what is a bad location for shooting

- You will learn my secret to geting good and beautiful skin tones

- How to make it easier for you to get a good and professional result

- Speed up your workflow and still keep a high quality

- Good post-production to make your photos even better and to make them stand out


Q: Who is the model on this workshop?

A: There will be a professional and good model available on the workshop. It’s announced without the name of the model because it’s a workshop about learning and understanding and not about shooting a certain model. So far it have always been a success and people come home with lots of beautiful and usable photos for their portfolios anyway even if that’s not the main reason for this workshop. For example some of the previous models have been Julia Yaroshenko, Miri Be and Riona Neve.

Q: Will it be indoors or outside?

A: Most of the time it’s outside but sometimes inside depending on the options with location and light. The main focus is to work with available light, no additional equipment except the camera.

Q: How many participants each day?

A: Usually it’s 6 photographers each day but it can be up to 8 in some situations. If it for example if much more popular one day and less popular the day after it can be more on the popular day.

Q: What happens if the workshop is canceled?

A: In the rare cases when I have to cancel there is a 100% refund.

Q: Can I use the photos made on the workshop?

A: Yes you can use the in your own portfolio but not for commercial use.

Q: Why book so long time before the workshop date?

A: I need to know in good time before the workshop that I have enough bookings. If there’s not enough interest in certain cities I will not make the workshop there. If I have to cancel it I will do it when it’s at least 1-2 months left.

Price: €199. Early bird €179 (until two months before of after half the spots are booked)

Time: 10.00-18.00

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions before you book.

Online retouch course including video recording

Online retouch course including video recording

This is a private retouch course that you can take no matter where you live. It's a 1:1 course and I do it online or meet in person at home or when I visit your city (subscribe to my newsletter for the latest travel plans). I’ll work on one of your photos and and the use the software of your choice. I’ll show you how to get my style on your own photos! I’ll also record the whole session and you’ll get the video after. Easier to go back and check a few times when you try on your own.

If I do it online I share my screen so you can see what I do the same time as I explain. I'll show my whole workflow. It will include raw converting, color grading, color correction, skin retouch, dodge & burn, black and white conversion and much more. I will also have a look at your images and give you some advice on how to work with the light to get a better starting point for the post processing.


Here are a few samples of what you’ll learn on this course:

- Give your photos a professional look and get rid of the "out of cam" style.

- Speed up your workflow. My way is fast, easy and give amazing results. 

- Make the skin look even, beautiful and natural. It will keep the structure but still look smooth.

- Make a beautiful and interesting black and white versions with just 1 minute of extra work.

- Correct mismatching skin tones.

- Edit the studio background for a more even look.

- Get rid of banding in the studio backgrounds.


When: Any time

Where: Worldwide (online)

Time: Around 2 hours

Participants: 1 person at the time

Price: €175

Workshop in Malmö with model Yulia Logacheva

Workshop in Malmö with model Yulia Logacheva

One more studio workshop! This time with the beautiful Russian model Yulia Logacheva. After my recent available light workshops when I compare everything with studio lights I got new inspiration for studio shooting so I decided to make yet another one! We’ll shoot from fashion to nude and explore the possibilities of studio lighting when everything is controlled.

The first day (December 1st) will be more of a classic workshop. I also include some post-production in the end. This is for the people who want to learn but also get to shoot. Perfect if you’re not very experienced or new to studio lights or just want to learn.

The second day (December 2nd) is more of a portfolio building day. This means you get more shooting time and more chance to effect the photos. Perfect if you already have been to many workshops and you’re the most interested in getting good photos. I’ll help you, guide you and make sure you get your shots. This day is also for learning but with a bit more focus on creating material for your portfolio.

Some of the course content: Techniques with flash in the studio. Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages. Creating different looks with the same light. Shaping the model with the light. One light vs multi lighting. Metering and exposure. Getting it right in camera. Good skin tones with minimal post-production. How to work with models, posing and angles. Contact and communication with models. Food and drinks are included.

*** If you want to travel from another country you fly to Copenhagen and then just take the train (15 min) to Malmö. There are many cheap flights to Copenhagen. ***

When: December 1st & 2nd

Where: Malmö, Sweden

Participants: 6 each day

Time: 11.00-18.00

Price: €259