• Herlev
  • Denmark

Almost 4 years ago I did my first workshop. It was with Olga Kaminska and now we're back together again! This time we're in Herlev just outside of Copenhagen. 

It is a one day workshop with everything you need to know to master the art of sensual fashion, lingerie, semi nude and nude photos in the studio.

Some of the main topics on this workshop:

- Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages
- Creating different looks with the same light
- Shaping the model with the light
- How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light
- Speed up your workflow
- One light vs multi lighting
- Metering and exposure
- Getting it right in camera
- Posing and angles
- Interaction with models

When: July 7 & 8
Where: Herlev, Denmark
Time: 11-18
Participants: 6-7 each day
Price: 259€