New workshop in Frankfurt, Germany where I have a beautiful location (see the photos below). On this workshop we will shoot with natural light which I love. I have much inspiration and I deal for many really creative things to show. Shooting style from sensual lingerie to nude. The model is beautiful Viktoria Yarova. Check her Instagram for more photos:

Some of the things I will teach about on this workshop:

Good light with just the camera and no other tools or modifiers. Working with reflectors and diffusors. See and find the good light. Creative scenes. Shaping the model with the light. How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light. Metering and exposure. Getting it right in camera. Posing and angles. Interaction with models. And much more…

When: May 11 & 12
Where: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Time: 11-18
Participants: 6 each day
Price: €270