• Malmö, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark

A new studio workshop. First day on November 2nd we will be in Malmö, Sweden and on Sunday 3rd in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On this workshop I want to teach and show about my way of using my favourite lights in many different ways to create several different looks. Most of the time when I shoot in the studio I use the same and very simple equipment. You can still create several different looks. It don’t need to be so expensive and complicated to have your own studio. The model I have selected is the beautiful and amazing Crina from Romania (as you can see in the photos). Shooting style will be from from fashion, to lingerie and some implied nude.

If you want to travel from another country you fly to Copenhagen. The train to Malmö is just 20 minutes. There are many cheap flights to Copenhagen.

Some of the things I will teach about on this workshop:

- Creating many different looks with the same light
- Easy and fast ways to work with studio lights
- Shaping the model with the light
- How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light
- Metering and exposure
- Getting it right in camera
- Posing and angles
- Interaction with models

And much more…

When: November 2nd in Malmö & November 3rd in Copenhagen.
Where: Malmö, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark
Time: 10-17
Participants: 6 each day
Price: €249