This is a private retouch course that you can take no matter where you live. It's a 1:1 course and I do it online or meet in person at home or when I visit your city (subscribe to my newsletter for the latest travel plans). I’ll work on one of your photos and and the use the software of your choice. I’ll show you how to get my style on your own photos! I’ll also record the whole session and you’ll get the video after. Easier to go back and check a few times when you try on your own.

If I do it online I share my screen so you can see what I do the same time as I explain. I'll show my whole workflow. It will include raw converting, color grading, color correction, skin retouch, dodge & burn, black and white conversion and much more. I will also have a look at your images and give you some advice on how to work with the light to get a better starting point for the post processing.


Here are a few samples of what you’ll learn on this course:

- Give your photos a professional look and get rid of the "out of cam" style.

- Speed up your workflow. My way is fast, easy and give amazing results. 

- Make the skin look even, beautiful and natural. It will keep the structure but still look smooth.

- Make a beautiful and interesting black and white versions with just 1 minute of extra work.

- Correct mismatching skin tones.

- Edit the studio background for a more even look.

- Get rid of banding in the studio backgrounds.


When: Any time

Where: Worldwide (online)

Time: Around 2 hours

Participants: 1 person at the time

Price: €200