• Graz
  • Austria

Back to one of my favourite countries again. This time it's also for a location workshop. We'll be in an amazing and designed house. Very nice for shooting indoors and at the same time a fantastic outdoor area with a private pool!

I have worked with Olga many times and she is great! Good with posing and good with bringing emotions in the photos. The shooting style on this workshop will be portrait, fashion, lingerie and art nude.

Some of the things I will teach about on this workshop:

- Good light with just the camera and no other tools or modifiers
- Working with reflectors and diffusors
- Shaping the model with the light
- How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light
- See and find the good light
- Find good locations and what to avoid
- Metering and exposure
- Getting it right in camera
- Posing and angles
- Interaction with models

When: September 15 & 16
Where: Graz, Austria
Time: 11-18
Participants: 6-7 each day
Price: 259€