Soon it's time for the shooting event in Kolding, Denmark this year. Last year was a big success and I'm sure this will be too. We have an amazing location where we shoot. This place also have enough beds so everyone can sleep there. It's a two-day event with 3 professional good looking models that shoot from fashion up to art nude. 

It's important to remember this is a shooting event and not a workshop. There will be 3 models and 12 photographers in 3 small groups. I know from last year that there will be more than enough shooting time for everyone. I'll be there as helper, give you ideas, inspiration and advise if you need it. In the evenings we'll have a barbecue and some beer. There will not only be shooting but also a nice hang out with me, the models and the other photographers.
Overnight stay is included in the price as well as all food and drinks. The dates for shooting are May 5th and 6th but I prefer if you can arrive Friday 4th in the afternoon or evening. Then we all get a chance to get to know each other and have some barbecue and party before everything start. You can leave either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

All the models are now confirmed, Kitrysha from Italy and Marina and Yulia from Russia. You can see photos of all of the below.

When: May 4th to May 6th
Where: Kolding, Denmark
Price: 450€/day
What's included? Shooting with the models for two days, learning, place to sleep, all food, drinks, beer and wine, fun time and much more.

Hosted by Joakim Karlsson, Julia Yaroshenko and Nicki Astrup.