• Malmö
  • Sweden

On this workshop I will teach my way of using the lights in the studio. Also how I work with the model to create my style of photos. I'll share all my secrets and all my ideas. Shooting style will be from sexy fashion and semi nude to all nude. My model is the amazing Chiara Bianchino that you can see in the photos (all of them are made by Hannes Windrath). She is here exclusively for this workshop so it the only chance to shoot her in Scandinavia this year!

Some of the course content: Techniques with flash in the studio. Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages. Creating different looks with the same light. Shaping the model with the light. One light vs multi lighting. Metering and exposure. Getting it right in camera. Good skin tones with minimal post-production. How to work with models, posing and angles. Contact and communication with models. Food and drinks are included.

This time I do something new! First day (27th) will be more of a classic workshop. I also include post-production in the end. This is for the people who want to learn but also get to shoot. Perfect if you’re not very experienced or new to studio lights or just want to learn.

Second day (28th) is more of a portfolio building day. This means you get more shooting time and more chance to effect the photos. Perfect if you already have been to many workshops and you’re the most interested in getting good photos. I’ll help you, guide you and make sure you get your shots. This day is also for learning but mostly focus on creating material for your portfolio.

*** UPDATE *** Both days will be like the description of 28th. More like portfolio building but if you want to learn from me I’ll do this too for just you at the same time. This is possible for both days.

When: October 27th & 28th

Where: Malmö, Sweden

Participants: 6-7 each day

Time: 11.00-18.00

Price: €259