This was shot over 2 years ago on the beach in Sweden. It was not the most interesting location but it still looks nice thanks to the black & white and the out of focus background. In this time I shot a lot with 70-200. The photo was shot at 145mm and f/3.2 with a Canon 70-200. I really like the look I got from shooting more tele portraits. Now I don’t own a 70-200 anymore so maybe that’s why I miss it. The longest focal length I have used for the last 2 years is 85mm.

As I see it there are a couple of advantages with longer focal lengths of a 70-200 but also a few advantages of an 85mm with f/1.4.When you shoot around 150mm and 3.2 you get more of the model in focus but at the same time nice bokeh. There are also less distracting details in the background and just less background overall. The disadvantage is you have to go far away from the model and you loose some connection. You also get less light resulting in longer shutter speed.

Shooting with a 50mm or 85mm and large aperture like I usually do now give you a nice bokeh too but much short depth of field and less of the model in focus. It’s harder to get sharp photos but you get more light and a shorter shutter speed. A 50 or 85 is also more discrete and better for shooting when you don’t want to attract too much attention.

Now when I shoot mostly available light and all over the world I prefer the 85 over the 70-200. If I was working mostly at home in Sweden the 70-200 would be my favourite.

Let me know your thought about this. Which lens is your favourite for getting a nice bokeh and out of focus backgrounds?

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