Most of the time when I shoot I prefer to make the photo in the camera. By this I mean I want the main look of the shot right away… Correct exposure, white balance, crop and so on. But sometimes it is better to shoot in a special way because you know what you want to do with the photo in post. For example I know many times I don’t hold the camera straight and when there are lines in the background they get tilted. When I straighten the photo after I sometimes loos to much close to the edges. I need to shoot with some extra space. Another thing is like in this photo. The camera don’t have enough dynamic range to get a good exposure when there is a mix of shadow and sunlight. Then it’s better to underexpose to save the highlights and bring back the shadows after.
Most important is that you know what is best for each situation. 
This was just some of my thoughts and ideas about exposure. Let me know your thoughts about this and feel free to ask any question.
Gear: Nikon D810 with Nikkor 85/1.4G.

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