I get a lot of questions if I use reflector or if I use flash when I shoot outside. The answer is no I don’t use it. Just on very, very rare occasions I can use a reflector or diffuser. I love to work with just the camera + lens and available light. 
A few years ago I had problems with getting nice catch lights and sometimes funny shadows in the face and so on. I never have these problems anymore and I still use the same equipment, camera + lens. I understand a lot of photographer use a reflector to get nice light in the eyes or to fill in the shadows. 
The reason why I don’t use reflectors is that they usually reflects the light up which I don’t like. Brings out funny features of the face. Light from above look much more natural and more beautiful.
I work in another way. For me the angle of the light on the model is very important. I always look for the light on the face and I want it from the front or slightly from the side and a little bit from above. Never too much from the side or too much from above. Then it looks ugly on the face. When I choose location for shooting I look for things that can help me re-direct the light. For example a door opening, a tree and similar thing. In this way I can shape and control the light with just the camera and no other tools.
This photo was shot with a Nikon D810 and 58/1.4G. The trees on the beach helped me to get the light from to direction I like. When you do like this you need less post-production and your workflow become faster. In this photos there’s almost no skin retouch and just minimal dodge & burn.
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