I guess you already figured out this is a before/after shot. This photo is about 2 years old. In this time my photos always came out of the camera like the ledt one. A little bit funnit in color, exposure was a bit off and so on. Now my photos are much closer to the right picture straight out of the camera.
I always say it better to underexpose to save the highlights. It usually is better for the colors too. This photo was shot with Canon 5d3. I remember from the time when I used that camera that it was very easy to save very bright photos. When I was using the Nikon D810 it totally killed the skin tones with this kind of exposure. What I understand from this is that cameras are different. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. You just need to know your own equipment and understand what works best with it. There’s no general rule that work for all cameras!

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