I like a nice bokeh. Before I always tried to shoot with as large aperture as I could just to get that nice blur. Then I got the Nikkor 58/1.4G which is not that sharp wide open. I really liked this lens and the focal length and started to used it for 90% of my work. To be sade and to get sharp photos I started to stop down to 2.8. Now I Don’t have this lens anymore and what I have now works well on all apertures. When I look back at these lider shots I see that many times I like the look of 2.8 more that lagret apertures. Many times I got a nice 3D look with good separation. I never got this look with a zoom at 2.8. I don’t know how many times I heard ”I don’t buy a 1.4 lens to shoot at 2.8”. It’s not a bad idea! 
Now to the point. You can affect how out of focus the background will be in other ways. Like this photo for example. Shot with the 58 at f/2.8. It’s about having the model in a different light or different contrast compared to the background. That will make a huge difference. More than a large aperture. 
I think everyone already know it’s about the distance. But did you evenr think about the thing I talk about?

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