Sorry for the slow updates at the moment. I’ll try to do it more often because I know you like it.

Earlier today I posted this photo in my main Instagram account. After I posted I got the idea what to write about for you guys. This is just a simple tip or advice.

A lot of photographers, like myself, like to shoot against the light with the sun behind the model. Many times the light is too strong and it doesn’t really look like we see it with our eyes. The model have a “gloria” and a glow in the hair and most of it is totally overexposed. Now, look at my photo here.. We still have all the details in the hair and nothing is overexposed. I didn’t use any reflector or fill flash. Instead I put the model in the shade with no direct sun hitting her, just a lot stronger light behind her than in front. This looks the same as we imagine shooting against the sun would look like. Try it and you’ll be surprised!

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