A few days ago I borrowed the new Canon Eos R and got to play around with the it for a few hours. Since a lot of people asked me about the camera I decided to tell you about my first impressions share a few raw files with you. They’re converted to DNG since no raw-converter can open them at the moment. The photos are shot in available light with continuous focus and at f/1.4 - f/1.6. 

I was really impressed with how easy it was to use it and how precise and fast the AF was. I shot with my EF lenses and the adapter. I couldn’t notice any loss in speed or performance or accuracy at all. The lenses actually focused event better and much more precise than my 5d4 that was calibrated by Canon. The camera feels nice in the hand. Very solid and the grip is big enough. It’s smaller than the 5d4 but I only noticed when I compared. I never got the feeling that the camera was too small while I used it.

I got the camera without any manual and it was no problem at all to find the settings and customise the buttons and setting the way I like. If you’re a Canon user you’ll recognise the menu right away. If you come from some other brand I’m sure you’ll find you way around in the menus very fast. I never liked electronic viewfinders before but this one felt good. I plan to do a real and longer review when I get to use it more than just a couple of hours.

One question I got was if I’ll buy the camera. Probably but it will not replace my current 5d3 and 5d4. I’ll have it as an additional camera. That’s why I’m not at all worried about the single card slot.

Raw sample 1

Raw sample 2

Raw sample 3

Raw sample 4

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