Time for a new workshop / shooting day. Like all my new events it will be a mix of both workshop and model sharing. Both teaching and as much shooting as possible. Main focus on this workshop will be art nude sexy fashion style nude and semi nude. We'll be outdoors and in case of bad weather we go to the studio. You can see the model in the photos.

Course content: Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages. Creating different looks with the same light. Shaping the model with the light. Good light with just the camera and no other tools or modifiers. Working with reflectors and diffusors. Metering and exposure. Getting it right in camera. Posing, angles and how to work with models. How to find good locations and what to avoid.

Food and drinks are included.


When: September 2 & 3

Where: Malmö, Sweden

Time: 11.00-18.00

Participants: 6 people

Price: 2600 SEK