I have a lot of requests for a workshop near Stockholm. Now I'm coming back. Almost exactly one year ago I had a workshop n Västerås and now it's time again. A bit short notice due to various reasons so it's important for you to get back to me as soon as possible if you're interested in participating.

This time I bring one of my favorite models, Olga Kobzar! She is amazing and I have worked with her many times. She is very experienced, she have a good and she is very good with posing. She is also very good with expressions and fantastic for portrait because of her unique look and freckles.

Lately I started to work more and more with available light. Because of this and because of the model I bring I decided to make a special workshop this time. Parts of it as art nude and sexy fashion in the studio and one part as available light portraits outside. At this time of the year we also have beautiful colors and light outside. After this workshop you'll master both studio light and available light!

Some of the course content:
* Techniques with flash in the studio
* Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages
* Creating different looks with the same light
* Shaping the model with the light
* Different techniques in available light
* How to get good skin tones
* Speed up your workflow
* How to find good locations and what to avoid
* Good light with just the camera and no other tools or modifiers
* Working with reflectors and diffusors
* Metering and exposure
* Getting it right in camera
* Posing, angles and how to work with models


When: September 16 & 17

Where: Västerås, Sweden

Time: 11.00-18.00

Participants: 6-7 each day

Price: 2750 SEK