Art nude portfolio building is a new thing! It's not a workshop, it's a shooting day or event. Main focus is not on teaching but more on making you shoot as much as possible. For this I have two models, Anna Orlova and her friend Julia Sunzova. Anna was here before a couple of years ago and now she is back again. Both of them are professional and fantastic models. On this day I will be the master of light, location finder, your helper and guide to make your photos awesome. I can also come with ideas or help you execute your own ideas. It will be outdoors on location around Malmö.

This is a new and unique thing from me. Almost the same price as a standard workshop but with much more shooting and not the regular limitations from the workshops. Not only that, you also get two models! Don't hesitate, I know this will be awesome. 


When: June 3 & 4

Where: Malmö/Lund, Sweden

Time: 11.00-18.00

Participants: 6-8 people

Price: 2800 SEK