Now you have the chance to get your own personal retouch video from me. There are two options for this. I can either work on your photo or you can choose any photo from my portfolio.

If you choose the first option where I work on your photo you need to select at least three photos to send and I will choose one of them for the video. The video will be with explanations for every step. I will also give some advice about light and other technical aspects if I think it's something that can help you to achieve a better starting point for the post processing. When it's ready I send the video including the Photoshop file with all layers so you can study it closer.

If you go with the other option where I work on any photo from my portfolio it will be slightly different. Instead of giving advice I explain about how the photo was make, I talk about the light and camera settings and give you as much information as possible. In this case I also include the Photoshop file with layers when I send the video.

No matter which option you choose you'll get additional information about light that will help you to achieve a better starting point for post processing.