This is a workshop with all focus on learning and understanding how to work in the studio with the lights and with a model. It’s for photographers that are new in the studio or for photographers that have worked in the studio but have a problem with getting things right or just want new fresh ideas. I’ll teach, show and explain things and "secrets" I have learned over the years. Many of these things can’t be found in tutorials or other studio courses.

Some of the course content: How to work with studio lights. Using just one light vs many lights. Different modifiers and how to use them. How to communicate and instruct models. Different kinds of posing and shooting angles. Getting it right in the camera. Things you want to avoid. How to solve common problems in the studio and much more.

The course also includes practice with a model. 


When: February 4th

Where: Lund, Sweden

Time: 11.00-17.00

Participants: 8-10 people

Price: 1300 SEK