I have decided to do something new. I will invite the awesome and famous Russian photographer Dmitry Chapal for a masterclass on December 17 & 18. Together with him I also invite the very cool Julia Yaroshenko. It's the perfect christmas gift I think you all deserve and you should get it for yourself!

It's a unique opportunity. His first time outside of Russia and this is probably the only chance you have to learn from him and learn about his special style. This will be on location with available light only. Something I know many of you want to learn more about. Don't miss this chance guys!

Visiting this masterclass you will receive theoretical and practical knowledge to create living pictures that will please not only the eyes of the audience, but also thought-provoking, to draw the history and cause a desire to repeatedly return to their view. You will learn how to open it and reveal the inner world of a woman, how to make a picture of deep and memorable. Dmitry will share with you his vision of photography and the experience of creating works in this genre, in the most accessible form, with plenty of practical techniques.

This will be interesting both for beginners as well as a master, who are interested in Dmitry’s view on art photography, philosophy of creating successful shots, as well as the psychology of working with models.



When: December 18th

Where: Lund, Sweden

Price: 2600 SEK