I offer some really good deals and discounts for a short while. You can now buy all my retouch videos for 99€. In this price I also include my new Photoshop action. If you already bought one or more videos or the action you just pay difference. For example if you paid 88€ for the deal with three videos you just pay 21€ now and get the rest of them, including the new action. Same thing if you bought just one video or even the action. This offer will disappear September 30th.

I also offer a discount on my upcoming workshop in Sweden! This offer will only be valid until Friday and for everyone that booked before. You'll get a 23% discount. This is a very good deal so don't wait too long.

If you're interested in the retouch course you'll get 16% discount on that one for the rest of the month. I can do it online via Skype or meet somewhere.