Back in Brussels again! This time it's a location workshop/event with available light only. Two beautiful and amazing models. This will be like a workshop but also like a shooting event. For this I have an awesome location. Very creative and inspiring style. There will be some teaching but just enough o also leave time for a lot of shooting time. Style of shooting will be from sensual lingerie to nude. Food and drinks are included.

Some of the thing you will learn on this workshop:

  • Good light with just the camera and no other tools or modifiers
  • Shaping the model with the light
  • How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light
  • See and find the good light
  • Find good locations and what to avoid
  • Easy trick to achieve good skin tones
  • Metering and exposure
  • Getting it right in camera
  • Posing and angles
  • Interaction with models
  • How to find models
  • Where to start when you want to shoot nude models
  • What equipment you need

When: August 19 & 20
Where: Brussels, Belgium
Time: 10-17
Participants: 6-8
Price: 329€